Is your website more than 10 years old? More than 5 years old? More than 2 years old? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s time for a new website. Yes, it really is time!

Okay, we all have been told to keep content fresh and new, and continue to add content to our websites. But what about the website design? Have you been told you need to update your website look and keep it fresh? No?! Then you are speaking to the wrong person about your website. Remember technology has changed, and so has website advancements. So your website look, its feel, its usability, functionality (fit, form, and function) are all things that need to be updated as time goes on, and online advancements and mobility change.

Think about your website being your salesperson. Okay got it in your head? Now your company continues to get better services and products to sell, and you make up new marketing and sales pitches…. stay with me here. So now you take all this NEW information, you hand it to your salesperson, and he or she, knocks on a door and when the person opens the door, they see your salesperson, dressed in bell bottoms leisure suit from 1972, driving a even older car.  Its 2015! I don’t need to get more detailed, you see where I am going. Your website needs to speak to the current day professionalism of you and your organization. Your site should always be kept up and aesthetically pleasing, or you may be putting some of your potential customers off, permanently.

It’s not only about updating colors and images on your site. A new design needs to include clear links, well thought out content flow and a logical menu navigation system. So you are now thinking, hmmm, do I really need a new website?

Here are some simple questions to ask yourself.

  • Does my website reflect my company image or the image that I want my company to portray?
    • Remember a website can easily show its age to. Your website visitor’s, your potential customers, will judge your website and your company with that first impression.
  • Have you been told by your customers, or visitors to your site that they can’t find something on your site?
    • Listen to them, if they can’t find something, likely there are many more that are not taking the time to let you know and are just going somewhere else.
  • Do you see or hear that you are losing customers to your competition?
    • Have you ever heard the expression people judge a book by its cover? Your website is your company online book cover. How do you like the cover people are seeing?
  • Are you getting lost in the search results online?
    • Often, it’s not just content that needs to change to move you up the page. Many times a properly built website can move you up.
  • Does your website look skinny and small on a screen?
    • Years ago, we all used 800 x 600 screens, so we built websites to fit. But now screen resolutions are bigger, 1024 or 1280 wide. Meaning you are wasting valuable real estate, and your site clearly shows signs of old age.
  • Does your website display properly on a Smart Phone or Tablet?
    • More than 70% of all searches are done on Smart Phones and Tablets. Are you able to reach them and show your company to them with a really great cover, which works?
  • Is your website a ONE WAY STREET?
    • You show your customers what you are selling, but do they have any way to communicate back to you? Contact forms, Live chat, Blog, Social Media? More people than ever are sharing and recommending, products and services, using social media than ever before.
  • Do you have a place to add new content on your site?
    • If you don’t know where you can add it, likely you need a new navigation update to your site as well. Remember you need to make your new information easy to be found.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you likely need a new site. If you are unsure you should invest in a new website for your business, think about all the lost or missed opportunities.

Now you can communicate globally. Your website is your chance to yell out loud to the world how good you are; never before has it been more cost effective to do. The time of the simple brochure looking websites are GONE! Your site needs to be appealing, easily navigated and leading-edge.

Let us build you a NEW site, and bring your customers closer to you.

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