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Affordable Small Business Website

Having a website for your business should not be frustrating to you. It should be and can be, simple, beautiful, and affordable for your business. That’s where TBD Web Services comes in. We make the experience for you and your business simple, with a finished website for your business that is beautiful and affordable. That’s what TBD Web Services does.

We do not offer DIY (do-it-yourself) websites. There are many reasons, but here is a big one. Companies that offer you a DIY website, require you to learn their platforms to use them, to DIY. This can take you a long time! Who, that owns a business, has time to learn to build websites on their own? And what is you miss something important for your business website? At TBD Web Services we take care of all of it for you.

We also are NOT freelance web builders. You know the one…the guy your friend told you about that builds websites in his spare time. Who needs that, a guy you can’t get a hold of, who isn’t there when you need him, and may not be around next week when you have issues or need help with your website. Unlike the freelance web builders out there, TBD Web Services WILL be there every step of the way, and when you need any changes, help or just have a question, we will be there for you every step of the way.

Here is what we do offer. We offer you an affordable custom build website for your small to medium business. Affordable, Professional, Beautiful, Responsive website(s) that will work seamlessly across Desk Tops (PC’s), Tablets, and Mobile Devices, like your smart phone.

At TBD Web Services, it does not take three (3) months or more to build your business website. Our custom websites are typically done in three (3) weeks from when we kick off and you approve us to start with your provided information ready to go.

It’s you that built your business. Let us build your business online.

TBD Web Services can provide for your business, Websites, Domain Names, Hosting, Email services, Social Media, Online Marketing, Blogs and so much more. We are here for you, knowing all the online techy stuff, so you don’t have to!


What we do & don’t do!

What do we do:

  • Information Websites
  • Business Websites
  • E-Commerce Websites
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Custom Contact Pages
  • Upgrade Old Websites
  • Online Payments vis Paypal
  • Integrate Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and more.
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Much more…

What do we not do:

  • Adult-themed Websites
  • Gambling Websites
  • Dating Websites

What can we build for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

Over all process?

TBD Web Services - New Site Process

What are the main costs involved with a website design?
Website Design and Build: Clearly there will be the cost of the website design and build. Your selections of what you want/need for your website will drive the upfront costs. But there are additional costs after your website is completed that need to be considered. DOMAIN NAME: The cost of your annual purchase and renewal of your domain name. For example, ours is “”. The annual fee for a domain name is typically $14.99 per year. WEBSITE HOSTING: When someone enters your website name into their browser, your website files are loaded to their desktop, tablet or mobile device from a server. This server that holds your website files is referred to as a “web Host”, and the web host allows your site to be viewed online and be secure from spammers and hackers. The cost monthly of a web host for a website starts at $9.95 and goes to $19.95 per month; depending on your site traffic and number of files/your site size.
What is considered a page when building a website?

Most of our website design packages include a number of pages. This means our price is based on a number of pages that we will build as part of your website design and build project for you. A page is any menu item and any landing pages that are not in the menu that are needed to be built for a link from one of your existing menu pages. For example, “HOME”, “ABOUT”, “CONTACT”, “SERVICES”, and then as example within SERVICES, there is a link to “another page” not in the menu that gives specific details about a service you listed in your “SERVICES” page.

If you purchased one of our package websites and you need to add pages, each page addition is $99.

If you feel your needs do not fit within one of our standard package website plan, we can customize a website quote to fit your needs. Just contact us for a free consultation and quote.

What is your packages don’t fit my needs?

TBD Web Services builds CUSTOM websites. If a package we offer does not fit you, then we will build one for you that does. We offer a free phone consultation to gather the information we need to provide you with a custom quote to fit your needs. We know one size does not fit all, and we offer you that one on one service to find the fit that’s best for you. Contact us for your quote!

How do I get started with a new website?

Once you have either selected a plan that fits you, or decided that you need a custom quote for your website needs, just contact us and we will begin the process with you.
Our process is simple:

  1. Contact us and tell us the direction you need to go, custom or package.
  2. We assign a project manager to you or your business.
  3. We set us a consultation call. On this call we cask you general questions about your site needs, discuss pages, layout, colors, as example.
  4. We email you a final quote based on our call, and a deposit invoice.
  5. From here we begin the design process.
  6. Along the way your project manager may communicate with you about the progress and any design questions that need answered to ensure you are happy with your end product.
  7. Once the site if finished we have you the customer review it for any edits we need to make to get it to 100% satisfaction.
  8. Once you are satisfied, we go live with your new website.
  9. We invoice the final balance to you.

That is our basic process description.

We are here to do the techy stuff so you don’t have to.

How do I send you my content and my pictures? Do I need to gather everything before we start?

You can send to us anytime, by email, any of your content and pictures (or videos) you have ready. Since we believe you know your business best, it is always a great idea to write your own content and send it to our team by email in a word document to be added to your website.  You no not need to have all of your pictures and content written to get started. We will typically use filler text where needed to fill gaps while we build, so you can keep working on yoru content. When its ready, you send it to us and we put it in the website where it goes. This lets us get started sooner so your website is finished as soon as possible for you.

REMEMBER: If you do not know how to write content for your site, or have pictures you can use that belong to you, we can help you. We have writers that can work with you to develop your content specific to you an or your business. We charge an hourly rate to write content and we can quote you the costs with a short phone interview. Also we can help you with the purchase (paid image packages) of licensed images for your site, if you do not have any that belong to you for your site.

KEEP IN MIND: You can not steal pictures off the internet. That would be a crime. We can only use your pictures you own or pictures we provide for you that are licensed for your site.

Can you design a website to sell things, like an e-commerce site?

We can certainly build you a selling sales site. E-commerce combined with a PayPal payment checkout is our solution. PayPal checkout offers your customers the option to pay with their own PayPal account OR a major credit card like Visa MC AmEx and so on. From just one item to many, we can help you build a great selling site for your business.

Can I make changes or edit my site after it’s done?

Yes, of course, after your website is done you will be able to make any changes you would like. After your site is completed and we are finished you are given the credentials to go into your new site, and have full control.

However, many of our clients, business owners like you, tell us they are too busy to learn to edit their own sites after we are finished, and ask us to maintain their website(s) for them. We bill in ½ increments, and charge $55 per hour for changes and edits.

We are always here for you. We pride ourselves on our after completion service and support to our customers.

Where does your company build these websites?

TBD Web Services, is a United States based company. We are located in Michigan with two offices to serve you. All your services, and your support are located in the United States.

We do not offshore any of our site builds to any other country.

You can view our “Testimonials” and see what some others are sating about our services.